A three-phase, innovative weight loss treatment
Up to -7 kgevery week!
FOR THE FIRST TIME! Regulates the activity of weight loss depending on the biorhythms!
  • Morning
    Boosts active weight loss
    with the first capsule!
  • Afternoon
    Accelerates fat burning
    up to the record 150%
  • Evening
    doesn’t let fat burning to stopduring sleep!
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Finding it hard to lose weight?
It’s because this process is not consistent with your biological rhythms
Biorhythms - periodic changes in the intensity and nature of biological processes: the work of internal organs, tissues, cells, brain activity, metabolism.
The most important is the daily rhythm (24 hours). It is expressed in the cycle "sleep-wakefulness "and has the greatest impact on human health.
Our biorhythms directly depend on the way of life. Many reasons can bring down your individual cycle - the process of losing weight becomes impossible!
All your efforts will be useless!
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Stress
  • Lack of a regime
  • Late night sleep
  • Excessive strain
does the correct regime
of the day is essential
active weight loss?
  • Failure of cycle "sleep-wakefulness"
  • Slow metabolism
  • Decrease of leptin concentration - "satiation hormone" and increased appetite
  • Increased blood sugar, insulin resistance and a constant craving for sweets
  • Low levels of fat-burning hormones produced only during certain hours of sleep
Fat burning is completely inhibited
Uncontrolled weight gain occurs!
Helps to effectively lose weight without depending on the regimen!
Adjust your weight loss
to your individual regimen
With the help of an innovative drug!
The rarest components are collected for the first time in a singleultra-active formula, stimulating all the necessary biological reactions for natural, fast and easy weight loss!
Stimulates all the necessary biological processes for weight loss!
from 8 AM to 11 AM
Energy and activity!
Activates fat burning
after waking up
from 12 AM to 3 PM
Boosts metabolism!
Accelerates fat burning
to the maximum
from 5 PM to 8 PM
Controls appetite!
Soothes and maintains
high level of
fat burning in sleep
100% natural bioactive
+ caffeine
+ synephrine
+ turmeric
+ ginseng
+ guarana
Morning stage:

Increases the release of fat from the subcutaneous fat, increases the formation of heat, which contributes to energy consumption.

Gives energy and vigor, improves tonus and efficiency

Promotes active burning of calories

Promotes concentration and metabolism

Effectively affects fat oxidation processes, provokes active burning of fat cells from strategic reserves

Afternoon stage:

Significantly reduces appetite, increases metabolic rate, increasing calorie consumption

Activates the process of burning adipose tissue and converting it into energy

Inhibits the production of catecholamine hormones, which contribute to the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue

Leads to the destruction of visceral fat molecules

+ bromelain,
natural pineapple enzyme
+ 5-Hydroxytryptophan
+ Coleus forskohlii
+ L-carnitine
+ pepper
+ garcinia fruits
+ mulberry
+ spirulina
+ valerian
+ nettle
Evening stage:

Normalizes the cycle of sleep and wakefulness, reduces increased anxiety, depression, neuroses of different origin, chronic fatigue syndrome

Reduces appetite

Starts the night burning of fats, that does not allow excess stocks to mass up in problem areas

Promotes rapid cleansing of the body. Cleanses blood and lymph, removes salts, toxins, excess fluid, heals the gastrointestinal tract, improves metabolism

Omega 3-6-9 complex
These are complete unsaturated fatty acids vital for the human body. Theystimulate the breakdown and excretion of bad fats from the body, participate in the normalization of metabolic and hormonal processes.
Provide long-term saturation, which significantly reduces the amount of food consumed per day. Slow down the aging process.
Solublefiber slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and fats, suppresses appetite.
Helps to quickly get rid of slagging and harmful toxic substances.
Research results:
Based on data from 10,000 people who took Dietonus during the 30-day course:
Еach subject hadenhanced fat burning regardless of biological rhythms and day regimen.
99% had acceleration of metabolic processes on the 3rd day of taking the drug.
By 7th day of the study subjects lost from 3 to 7 kilograms of fat mass, depending on the original weight.
98% of subjects reported, that excess weight does not return even 6 months after ingestion.
Guaranteed improvement of all health indicators:
  • Weight reduction and control
  • Increase of motor activity due to the energy
  • No breakdowns, craving for harmful and sweet food
  • Psychological comfort
  • Normalization of cholesterol level
The main recommendation of nutritionists
for those who want to lose weight!
"Dietonus" - is the most innovative development in the field of weight loss.
For the first time the drug smoothes errors in the mode of the day, which prevent effective fat burning, namely: lack of sleep, lack of regime, stress, their consequences-hormonal imbalance, increased appetite, slow metabolism.
Thanks to the Dietonus three-phase action fat burning will be at MAXIMUM throughout the day: in the morning, in the afternoon and EVEN DURING SLEEP!
Dietonus has a calming effect, normalizes appetite, regulates hormonal disruptions and accelerates metabolism. This means that you will lose weight quickly, effectively and without fear to gain excess weight again. IT IS JUST IMPOSSIBLE!
I recommend this supplement to anyone who intends to once and for all to interrupt the process of accumulation of fat and adjust the body to get rid of the hated deposits!
"Dietonus" 100% safe and does not cause side effects or allergic reactions to the components.
Katherine Knight.,
dietitian-nutritionist, certified specialist
Clinically proven safety!
Requires no dietary restrictions and no special diets
Safe for the cardiovascular system and the thyroid gland
Does not cause psychological and physical stress
Has no contraindications, side effects and withdrawal syndrome
More than 12 00 women
have lost weight with Dietonus already!
  • Linda, Birmingham, 24 years

    Studying in the university, having serious mental and physical load, stress before exams.

    I couldn’t lose weight even if I wanted to!

    The body is constantly in tension, and then I binge on sweets and high-calorie food. And I have an extra 12 kilos at least. I decided to try the Dietonus. With it weight began to decline for the first time in years. A week later, the girls in my group noticed that I lost weight! I am very pleased with my progress, I have already lost 8 kilos,

    although I just started taking Dietonus!

  • Kimberley, Nottingham, 35 years

    In my whole 35 I couldn’t imagine losing weight so quickly and easily without diets and torture.

    Dietonus works great! Over the course I lost more than 15 kg, its two sizes! Soon I will be able to wear the same clothes size as my daughter. And how much admiration I see in the eyes of friends! All say that I look less than thirty!.

    And indeed, when health and weight are in a good form - age is nothing!

  • Ashley, London, 34 years

    I'm 34 years old. As I gained weight in adolescence, since then I could not lose weight in any ways.

    And how can you lose weight when there is no time for yourself! Work, husband, children. I go to bed far after midnight, wake up at six in the morning. Constant lack of sleep, evening binge eating, which is impossible to stay away from.

    The result of the course intake - minus 13 kg without any effort.

    I feel like a completely new, cheerful and energetic person!

    Eppure ho solo iniziato a bere DIETonus!

Without strict diets and
torturing yourself
Without inevitable
Without low
Without a lack of faith in
Without subsequent
weight return
Beware of fakes
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100% quality guaranteed by manufacturer
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Three-phase innovative weight loss product
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